Careless driving cause accidents

The reason statistics regarding the increase in no. of road accidents has set the alarm bell ringing. The figure has sent shivered down the spine of everyone. The survey highlighted that
nearly 3700 people in the world lose their lives every day due to tragic road accidents.

It has been found that the victims generally fall the disregard traffic rules by errant drivers who are generally under age and impatient . other reasons could be stress , drunken , using mobile phones  or listening to music while driving , WE NEED TO STOP THIS.

At the earliness to save thousands of innocent lives which get lost on the deadly road.

Strict penalty should be stroke on the careless drivers . automatic brakes should be encouraged in the upcoming vehicles . A huge fine should be imposed on the person who drinks and drive.
A separate path should be made for cyclists beside the road to avoid much traffic.

We should not cross the speed limit or it may be injurious to lives of innocent people.

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