Plitvice National Park, croatia



Plitvice lakes national park is the best known and most visited national park in Croatia. Here are 10 interesting facts :

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park is home to 16 different lakes which change color by the second. Within the blink of an eye, you can see blue, green, aquamarine, and turquoise. This is due to the way the sun hits the water, and the number of organisms and minerals.

2. Surrounding the Plitvice Cascades are 120 + different species of birds. They trust deeply on these waterfalls as they deliver the perfect atmosphere they need, which is a mixture of dampness and moisture.

3. Plitvice Cascades are also home to bears, wildcats, deer, wild boar, wolves and lynx which incline to roam around during the initial morning and late afternoon hours. One of the major inhabitants of Lynx in Europe can be established in Croatia.

4. Although winters are very harsh, this is a still one of the best places to visit in Croatia, since the falls completely freeze over once the temperatures reach 32 degrees or lower. They have been known to stay solid for more than 30 days at a time.

Plitvice National Park, croatia

5. Krka National Park, which also has abundant cascades, equates to the falls within Plitvice. However, theirs allow closer access. People often swim in Krka, while swimming in Plitvice is strictly forbidden.

6. Residing at the Hotel Bellevue Plitvice assurances you will see and perceive the whoosh sound of the falls adjacent. The best views are from the balcony, outside your room.

7. Situated within the lesser lakes are the highest and most dangerous waterfalls. One known Milanovacki Slapovi measures 20 meters in altitude. Another, called Milanovac Jezero is not as tall, only about 8 meters, but the width is over 15 meters.

8. The Stastavci links a crowd of minor falls and drains into a pond called Kaluderovac Jezero. This is one of the biggest lakes within the entire park. The waterfall has a droplet among 20 and 25 meters.

9. The highest and broadest of all the falls is merely named Great Waterfall. It has an altitude of 70 meters, and the haze can be seen for miles even within the dense greenery. There are stairs leading upwards that provide an exceptional view from the top.

Plitvice National Park, croatia

10. Within the unit called the Upper Lakes, there are quite figures of small to medium elevation waterfalls, however, the popular are unseen and rubbish dump into Lake Okrugljak. They are cleverly hidden by massive trees and overhanging foliage.


Where in Croatia is Plitvice Lakes National Park?
The Plitvice Lakes have designed in despair among the Mala Kapela Mountain in the west, and the Plješevica Mountain in the east among the Dinaric Alps. The nationwide park is situated at the countrywide path D1 Zagreb–Split between Slunj and Korenica in the neighborhood of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Can you swim in Plitvice Lakes Croatia?
Swimming is prohibited in Plitvice Lakes National Park. You can swim just a few kilometers north of the National Park. The Korana River flows into Plitvice Lakes National Park and is just as inviting on a hot day as Plitvice’s sparkling lakes.

What is the best time to visit the Lakes National Park Croatia?
The shoulder season (April, May, September and October) is finest, and the climate will still be enjoyable. The best periods of day for visiting Plitvice Lakes are in the morning (from 7am-10am) and after 4pm (closing time varies by time of the year, but it is open during daylight hours)

How much is entrance to the location?
Ticket Prices and Parking:
One day adult tickets prices are as follows: 55 kuna (8 USD) in winter; 110 kuna (16 USD) in Apr-June and Sep-Oct; and 180 kuna (26 USD) in July and August. Please check the official website for any price change. All buses and ferries within the park are included in the ticket’s price.


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