Santorini island, Aegean Sea (greece)

12 Amazing Facts about Santorini Island, Aegean Sea (Greece)

Santorini Island, Aegean Sea (Greece) 1.Despite the fact that only 15.500 residents live on the island, over 2 million tourists visit Santorini each year. 2. There are more churches than houses in Santorini. However, most of them are small and private. 3. There are so tiny raindrops on the atoll of Santorini during the year with the consequence …

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Plitvice National Park, croatia

10 Amazing Facts about Plitvice National Park, Croatia

PLITVICE NATIONAL PARK, CROATIA   Plitvice lakes national park is the best known and most visited national park in Croatia. Here are 10 interesting facts : 1. Plitvice Lakes National Park is home to 16 different lakes which change color by the second. Within the blink of an eye, you can see blue, green, aquamarine, and turquoise. This …

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Matterhorn (Zermatt) Mountain, Canton of Valais (Switzerland)

Amazing Facts about Matterhorn Mountain, Zermatt (Switzerland)

Matterhorn Mountain: The “Horu”, as the locals like to call it, has many names in many languages, but one thing is universal among all: Its majestic shape. This emblematic Swiss mountain towers 4,478 m (ca. 14,692 ft) above sea and is extremely difficult to climb. It is the tenth top peak mountain in Switzerland, and …

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Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale,Denizli (Turkey) Amazing Facts

Pamukkale is an explorer’s pleasure and a geographical wonder. It is a city in western Turkey best recognized for its mineral-rich warm air waters that run down the perky snowy walkways of a steep gorge side. Next to this is Hierapolis, an antique Roman sanatorium city originated around 190 B.C. The wrecks there comprises a primeval drama …

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Sejalandsfoss, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland Amazing Facts

The remarkable Seljalandsfoss waterfall: • Seljalandsfoss, also recognized as ‘Seljalands waterfall’, is a stunning cascade that can be found in meridional Iceland.• Seljalandsfoss is very popular in Icelandic photography, being one of Iceland’s most famed falls.• Seljalandsfoss was portion of the American reality television race, ‘The Amazing Race (6)’ in 2004, as a waypoint in …

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