Bhangarh Fort

1. History of Bhangarh

Widely recognized for presence the Most Haunted Place in India, Bhangarh was, in fact, a prosperous town of early eras. Constructed for his son, Man Singh I, in the 17th century by Madho Singh, one of the nine ratnas of Ruler Akbar’s court, Bhangarh Fort was one time an object of attractiveness and authority. It is assumed that over 10,000 living Bhangarh previously it was supposedly isolated overnight! Scary. Standing in shells, these 400 years old outstanding structure and the range town around it owe their current state to the disgraceful Bhangarh Story that wrapped its ill-destiny.

2. Eerie Bhangarh Fort Story- Into the Shadows

Whether you trust in swearwords and predictions or not, here’s the scary story after the fate of Bhangarh. As the myth goes, the plot which where Bhangarh Castle lays standing was once the home to a puissant austere, named Guru Balu Nath. Madho Singh therefore made an opinion to take his due authorization before creating the fort and was even granted one. However, on one circumstances. The abstinent positioned a condition that the shadow of the fort must never fall on his home or else great tragedy will unfold. But sadly, a determined successor of Madho Singh disregarded the cautions fortified Bhangarh Fort with higher walls. As a result, the sleuth immersed the home of the frugal and in return, his swearword overwhelmed the complete of Bhangarh!

3. Eerier Bhangarh Fort Story- The Enduring Void

Alternative story tells about an unalike and a more fearsome fiction behind the fate of Bhangarh. As per the folktale, there was a princess of Bhangarh, named Ratnavati who was apparently an enormously gorgeous woman. Hypnotized by her exquisite beauty, a necromancer in the area fell in affection for her. In demand to get her, he put an incantation of dark enthralled on the oil that the princess was invented to consume for massage. But, previous his dirty trick could work; Princess Ratnavati got an aroma of his scam and threw off the magic-loaded lubricant onto a giant stone in the area. This was when the Armageddon watch of Bhangarh Fort and the entire town was set in a countdown. The black magic worked its way and caused the boulder to crush the tantric to his death. Though, before breathing his last, he cursed the entire town of Bhangarh, hit down by misery and hopelessness, to gradually yield to its complete unhappiness fair similar to him.
Demonstrating his fearing previous words right, the following year itself the leader of Bhangarh grieved a disastrous defeat at the arrow of an opponent. His entire army was defeated and all the residents of Bhangarh were viciously massacred. While the fortune of the princess is still an unknown, it is said that she was fated to stray in the grounds of Bhangarh stuck in a limbo. It is said, all the people of Bhangarh can still be heard in Bhangarh Fort at Nighttime; doomed to linger in this realm, and never to leave the cold environs the place, hopeless and restless.

Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

4. There are cautionary symbols all around Bhangarh Fort

Now, there may not be ‘Haunted’ printed in neon on the information panels at the location, but surely the endless advice by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) to depart the grounds before night visibly specifies roughly. The panels obviously say it again and again that it is forbidden to visit within the vicinities of Bhangarh earlier than sunrise and afterward sunset. There have been abstemiously many cases of getting misplaced and evened deaths in the area, therefore the precautionary portion.

5. Entrance in Bhangarh Fort is barred for foreign person

Weird as it is, Bhangarh Ka Kila (Bhangarh Fort) could be the one visitor place in India, where the access of foreign tourists are not easily allowed. They need to attain a special authorization to gain entry into the site, and Bhangarh Fort. It is so remaining to the detail that amongst the visitors receiving misplaced in the region, there’s a huge quantity of a foreigner which annoyed the government officials due to their disregard for rules and initiated them to take the harsh step.

Strange Construction

6. The houses in Bhangarh are roofless!

The mysteries of Bhangarh don’t seem to ever finish. When you stay at this creepy place in Rajasthan you will get to recognize what we mean. Every single house situated in the complete area is roofless. Yes, no house whatever has a whole rooftop on its head. It is prevailing that the wise who cursed the town to its ultimate devastation is responsible for it. As per the residents, it is unbearable to build a roof on these houses, since as shortly as one is built. It breaks downs, which has killed many people in the past.

7. Several holy places is concentrated in the small area

Bhangarh Fort area has about half a dozen holy place erected in it which give the district a minor breaks from the all-inescapable frightening air.

These minor and antique temples are devoted to different Hindu idols, comprising Lord Hanuman, Keshav Rai, Lord Gopinath, Mangla Devi, etc. The temples that dispel a mystical air about them and the legendary expletive of the region has fascinated countless sages and priests to Bhangarh with the hope to dismiss the area of its curse, but of progress to no avail.

Bhangarh Fort
Close view of Bhangarh Fort (Satellite view)

8. The location holds great Archaeological Importance

The region may have increased such attractiveness due to the charming Bhangarh Fort Haunted Story but surely it is much more than just that. Bhangarh which is supposed to be a hot spot for ghost events also occur to be a center of archaeologically noteworthy findings exposed by a dribble of archaeologists who were fortunate enough to have spent their time here. As related by them, the region has discovered many stone paintings, tools, and relics of the early men in the area. Lord Someshwar temple located near Bhangarh Fort is also been discovered to be the spot for natural coil and even cascades.

Unexplained Freaky Accidents

9. Caution to the Wind

The past of Bhangarh is unknown, but one with utter sadness and anguish which as the locals claim is translated into misfortune and horrible accidents. The residents recite the story of three risk-takers who decided to stay in Bhangarh Fort grounds post-sunset. In spite of being armed with a torch, one of the three guys fell into a deep well. Luckily, he was saved rapidly by his friends who hurried to the hospital to get him treated, but as it was perhaps fated, all three of them got crumpled in a weird road accident and died.

10. Ghostly Sighting

In additional event as per the inhabitants, a collection of friends visiting in Bhangarh caught the sight of what seemed like the ghost of a boy in a house without a gate, but a barred window. This and many other stories are popular or rumored to be true, around here.

What Happens in Bhangarh Fort at Night

11. Lost in the Darkness

It is totally prohibited to stay inside Bhangarh Fort at Night. ASI has put up panels at several spots in Bhangarh cautionary against staying in the premises after sunset and (previous) than the sun rises. You can hear weird sounds from inside the castle buildings through nighttime and the air gets charged with an uneasy heaviness. It is said that spirits roam inside the closed gates at these hours, and the place becomes a hotbed for mystic actions. In fact, if the locals are to be supposed, whoever who has tried to stay back in the fort or the near area after dark, has never come back to tell their story.

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort as a Visitor Destination

12. Beautiful and Worth Visiting Nonetheless

Of course, each of these stories are scary, but don’t let them chat out of visiting the wonderful site. It may be legendary to be a home to supernatural marvels and sightings but it is also the home to the score of striking architectural whizzes. On the improved part of the day, Bhangarh Fort and the surrounding area is no less than the best of tourist destinations. The fort which recaps you of Shah jahanabad in Old Delhi is marked by four gigantic wooden doors located in each direction. The Johari Bazaar, exquisite temples, imposing fort and Dancer’s Haveli are the leftovers of a magnificent historical worth observing.

How to Reach Bhangarh Fort

From Alwar
The closest town to Bhangarh Fort is Alwar which is located at a distance of 85-90 km from the place. The most suitable mode to reach Bhangarh from here is via a hired cab or a bus.
From Delhi
It takes almost 4 to 5 hours to reach Bhangarh beginning with New Delhi. There are two, routes that can be chosen for it, one via Neemrana and other via Alwar. Though the last is a smaller way, it takes an extended period due to the unfavorable road conditions. The easiest method to reach Bhangarh Fort from Delhi is by driving to the location, taking NH8 and authorization through Neemrana. Post this, go to NH11A and resume for about 50 minutes then take SH55 and drive for extra 20 minutes until you reach your endpoint.
Jaipur is amongst the most popular places to visit in Rajasthan and if you are here, you can easily go for a short day-long trip to Bhangarh Fort which is located just 83-87 km away. It typically takes around 2 hours to reach the terminus from here, taking NH11 onto Agra road then reach Dausa to go to NH11A and then current for about 15 minutes, take SH55 to lastly reach Bhangarh.

The Best Time to Visit Bhangarh

October to March is the best time to visit this weird but oddly attractive Haunted Place in India. While summers (March to June) are extremely hot, Monsoons (July to September) too are not very advisable to visit this region due to heavy deluges. Winters (October to February) however, are the apt season to witness Bhangarh Ka Kila (Bhangarh Fort) in its occupied splendor, though it is also the highest tourist season in Rajasthan.

Bhangarh Fort Timings & Entry Fee:
The Bhangarh fort is open from 6 am to 6 pm. It is forbidden to enter the fort premises before sunrise and after sunset.
Bhangarh fort entry fee —
• Indian: Rs.25
• Foreigners: Rs.200
• Video Camera fees: Rs.200

Bhangarh Fort


If you believe in such stuff or just find it interesting, visit the Most Haunted Place in India- Bhangarh Fort. In fact, regardless of ghosts or myths Bhangarh is a merely remarkable place lost in the history, and we urge you to explore its disremembered paths at least once in life if not for the folktales then for its outstanding beauty and mysterious disbanding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bhangarh Fort:

Are you permitted to stay at Bhangarh Fort at night?
No, you are not. There are harsh rules against staying the night at Bhangarh fort because its Most Haunted status in India. The gates of the fort are locked by 6p.m and no one is acceptable to go in before sunrise.

Is Bhangarh safe to visit?
Bhangarh fort has been believed to be the Most Haunted Places in India. However, this is exactly what draws tourists in for a visit. It has developed a tourist attraction and is totally harmless to be visited through daytime. No visitor is permitted to go in before sunrise and after sunset.

Do we need to reserve tickets in advance to visit Bhangarh Fort?
Because of its severe hours of visiting, the Bhangarh fort can get really crowded. You can purchase receipts at the period of visiting, though, booking e-tickets in early payment is also suitable to get a spot and avoid the crowd.

Where can I stay near Bhangarh Fort?
Visitors are not allowed to stay in the fort at night. However, you can stay in hotels in the nearby areas The Sariska Palace and Amra Ka Baas in Alwar, Umaid Lake Palace and Hotel Bhadrawati Palace in Dausa, and The Gateway Hotel Ramgarh Lodge in Jamwa Ramgarh (Jaipur) are a few resorts.

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